Thinking about you

Exceptional design, modern technology and durable construction is the result of our many years of work. Everything was created thinking about future owner of Relax Boat houseboat:


It’s easy and comfortable use the houseboat for you.

There is no stress to service the houseboat even without special engineering knowledge.

It’s a special time for you to be on your houseboat with your family or friends.

Relax Boat houseboat becomes a part your life from the very first moment.

Your safety is our priority.

Design and technology

During the years we connected modern design with exceptional comfort, quality with functionality, and simple maintenance.


Our houseboats have all-aluminum super strong construction and are safe and very stable on the water. You can leave it in the water for winter even.


We created a multifunctional eye attractive houseboat that is perfect to use for business, charter, or private use. All this is about freedom on the water.