We are a group of companies under the flag of Relax Boat. UAB Inter corpora is responsible for production and UAB Inter corpora boats is responsible for sales and marketing. Our trimarans, or so-called, houseboats made with knowing and using the technology and principles of aviation. Relax Boat came to producing the houseboats from aviation, where the systems duplicated. If we weld the parts, we also connect them with bolts. And we use such principle everywhere where it is logical.  Our pontoons could just be filled with air, but we supply them with polyurethane - sinking is practically impossible. The pontoons made from separate segments, so in case some sections are destroyed, there are other segments, that will float in any way. We are professionals in furniture production also. So we will create a cozy interior design according to your wishes.


Relax boatRelax boat is a multifunctional trimaran that can be used with a different purpose and always for Your pleasure.
Entertainment: Relax boat trimaran can be used as a tourist tour boat, party boat, restaurant boat, bar boat, sauna boat, etc.
Living: It can be used as a houseboat, office boat, showroom boat, TV studio boat, hotel boat, massage salon, etc.

Relax boats has category D that means these boats can be used in lakes, rivers, canals, seaports. We are working on launching category C houseboats (sea) that will open new possibilities for your pleasure and business. 

Our houseboats are handmade. Yes, it costs, but we get the highest quality and reliability. Relax boats are made using only highest quality materials.

Standard houseboat production time takes about 3-7 months. All is personal when we speak about the custom boat.