Choose your dream houseboat



Relax Boats made with a large reserve of safety. Our pontoons consist of separate segments.
The pontoons are made plastic and 100% filled with polyurethane. All this makes our houseboats unsinkable. 
Navigation lights are installed by all safety ship requirements.




We use only highest quality materials. Our houseboats are made from aluminum which is lightweight, strong and fairly easily repaired. Also we use plastic and polyurethane. Electric cables nether touch any other material..



Types of engine available: petrol or electrical

Number of engine available: one or two

Relax Boats constructed in a way that you do not need a very powerful engine.

You would need a more powerful engine if you plan to go in stream water.



Standard water tank: 450 l

Standard toilet waste tank: 450 l

Standard petrol tank: 96 l 

There is double switch to drop toilet waste into the stream water, if it is allowed in your country.

Yes, there is hot water.




Some technologies and components we use are made by us and patented. As a result, we have a much higher degree of control over the production and quality of our products than our competitors, who outsource most of the components.



Our boats are heated by WEBASTO principle. There is also hot water. We can additionally insulate our houseboats for Scandinavian countries.


All our products are CE certified and produced by quality management system ISO 9001:2005. 



We work every day with our highly qualified team to constantly improve our boats and sustain the incredible level of quality that our customers deserve. Also we invite you to visit our production site and check the quality yourself. We never had a visitor who told our quality is not good.


Maintenance of boat


Relax Boat can stay in the water all winter long. Our pontoons are not afraid of ice, except it is stream water (ice moves in spring). You can take it out of the water once two years and clean it with high-pressure water.