Aphrodite 115

This trimaran houseboat is our bestseller model we produce now.
The most romantic name for a beautiful and popular boat with special charm.
Very nice to use as wellness club onboard. Here easily can be situated sauna, SPA rooms, and area upstairs on the roof terrace for relaxing and getting a golden tan.
A good solution will be to use this boat as a country house afloat. After all, we can so rarely afford to break away from the fuss, it gets easily and harmonious here, alone or with loved ones, doesn’t matter.
Especially, when you are sure that the creators of our boats took care of every little thing to make your journey comfortable and safe.

Aphrodite models are already used as a hotel on the water. We can build a business on the water for your, all from one supplier. We can create a hotel on the water with all pontoon bridges in your marina or bay.

We would like to pay your attention that we do luxury finishing and use only the highest quality materials


General information

  • Measures 11,49 x 4,36 m
  • Number of pontoons: 3
  • Number of decks: 2
  • Upper deck area: 28,44 m2
  • Living area: 22,44 m2
  • Total area: 67,38 m2
  • Category D*
  • Possibility category C*

Layout plan

You can use it as:

  • living boat (4 persons)
  • party boat (20 persons)
  • SPA massage boat
  • office boat
  • sauna boat
  • rental business


Business example

  • Our clients successfully rent Relax Boat houseboats and increase their quantity
Amber RB   Sunrise RB


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  • All-aluminum platform and upper deck construction
  • Pontoon - PE rotation technology inside 100% volume polyurethane foam
  • Stainless steel railings (front and upper deck), possible “go down” system
  • Specially designed fiberglass fences (rear deck)
  • Deck teak synthetic board
  • Plastic form stairs to the upper deck
  • Upper deck Plywood Heksa plus cover
  • Polycarbonate glasses (stops ultraviolet ray, anti-vandal, used in MIG fighter jets)
  • Boat lifting system (2 travers, 4 ropes, 4 mounting units)


  • Beautiful Alcantara ceiling
  • Walls synthetic leather (large color choice)
  • Luxury Chesterfield wall
  • Vinyl floor 
  • Kitchen with two-burner gas hob + sink and refrigerator 
  • Sofa
  • Bedroom
  • locker
  • Electric toilet with macerator
  • Sink and shower


Engineering systems

  • 2 x HD batteries up to 400 Ah
  • 1 x starting battery
  • Battery isolator
  • Battery monitor
  • Central power-off system
  • Inverter/charger 1.2 kW Victron Multi Plus
  • 2 x solar panels
  • Shore power charging
  • Webasto Marine air heater 
  • 1 x LPG-balloon (steel, 11kg) + balloon box on the rear deck


  • Clearwater tank 450 l, level indicator
  • Wastewater tank 450 l, level indicator
  • Electric water pump up to 10 l/min
  • Quick-silver water heater boiler 12V
  • Fuel tank 96l Oskulatti / level indicator


  • LED-lighting inside
  • Front LED-floodlight
  • Navigation lights


  • Universal hydraulic steering system
  • Steering console with helm, screen, and indicators (inside)
  • Anchor zink 
  • Rear night vision camera
  • Electric horn

Additional equipment

  • 2 x solar panels with charge controller 420 W 
  • Audio FM/MP3 receiver + 4 speakers from 
  • Outdoor kitchen(gas balloon, fridge, oven) 
  • Side power 4,3 Kw with an extra battery 
  • Electric anchor winch system
  • Double glass package
  • Insulation roof /walls (12/8 cm)
  • Heated electric floor infrared
  • Thruster
  • Water heater boiler 220V 100l (moored)
  • Air conditioning
  • Polished stainless steel anchor
  • More additional options are available


We can produce an individual houseboat for your needs.

* Category D - Inland or sheltered coastal waters: is for boats in small lakes and rivers with winds to Force 4 and significant wave heights to 18 inches.
* Category C - the boat is a vessel built to navigate inshore such as lakes, rivers, bays and close to the shore and can sustain UP TO force 6 and waves UP TO 2 meters.