Hera 51

Floating home Hera with concrete pontoons is a solution for people who do not like the feeling they are on the water(waving), but still love to be close to the water and nature.

We can build a floating home Hera 51 for you. We are also ready to make your individual size and design floating homes with concrete pontoons.



  • General size 9x6 m
  • Total floor size 54 m2
  • Total living area 50,77 m2
  • Living room and kitchen 26,58 m2
  • Bedroom 8,27 m2
  • Weight of 2 pontoons is 34 t



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  • floating hotel
  • floating office
  • floating sauna&spa
  • floating club
  • floating restaurant
  • custom floating object
  • flood places floating home solution



  • You are on the water and nature at the same time
  • No maintenance needed
  • No need to take the house out of the water during the wintertime
  • Your floating home is built as a regular house, but on concrete platforms on the water
  • Security. Usually floating homes are moored ant secured marinas



Concrete pontoons are not so sensitive to waves. This gives you a feeling you are on the ground, but the water and nature are all around your home. 
Using the best quality materials we will create a cozy atmosphere for you, your family, or business.



Our house construction experience is more than 20 years and houseboat construction experience is more than 4 years. Combining this experience and knowledge we make your dream come true.


Time of production

Construction of your floating home takes about 3 months, depending on home size. 



Our price for your floating home is more than competitive.
Please contact us for more information.