Zeus 144

This trimaran houseboat is the biggest model we produce now.
Large and well-equipped boat, great for many kinds of family and business activities.
Can be used as a restaurant on the water, for example. 
Kitchen and dining area are suitable for brilliant or home-like, If you want, receptions. But unlike the usual scheme, here you will get something more: limitless freedom feeling, sunset in a glass of wine, river sounds around, and, of course, the spirit of travel penetrating every moment.
Also, for example, you can try any kinds of master classes onboard, we are sure your guests will be really impressed and keep the memories for a long time. 


General information 

  • Measures 14,44 x 4,35 m
  • Number of pontoons: 3
  • Number of decks: 2
  • Living area: 68,5 m2
  • Total area: 88,7 m2
  • Category D*
  • Category C* possible

You can use it as:

  • Party boat (up to 30 persons)
  • Living boat (2+2+2 persons)
  • Restaurant
  • Small ferry for people with bicycles
  • Custom as living boat and other
  • SPA massage boat
  • Office boat
  • Sauna boat
  • Rental business
  • conference hall



  • All-aluminum platform and upper deck construction
  • Pontoon - PE rotation technology inside 100% volume polyurethane foam
  • Stainless steel railings (front and upper deck), possible “go down” system
  • Specially designed fiberglass fences (rear deck)
  • Deck teak synthetic board
  • Plastic form stairs to the upper deck
  • Upper deck Plywood Heksa plus cover
  • Polycarbonate glasses (stops ultraviolet ray, anti-vandal, used in MIG fighter jets)
  • Boat lifting system (2 travers, 4 ropes, 4 mounting units)



  • Beautiful Alcantara ceiling
  • Walls synthetic leather (large color choice)
  • Luxury Chesterfield wall
  • Vinyl floor 
  • Kitchen with two-burner gas hob + sink and refrigerator 
  • Sofa
  • Bedroom
  • Locker
  • Electric toilet with macerator
  • Sink and shower

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