1. How long does it take to produce a houseboat?
It takes about 2-7 months to produce a houseboat. Please contact us to find out exact dates.

2. Can your boats go into the sea?
Our boats have category D (lakes, rivers, canals, sheltered coastal waters) and category C(coastal sea) at this moment. We use plastic pontoons 100% filled with polyurethane in trimarans for internal waters. And aluminum pontoons for coastal sea houseboats.

3. Are you a certified company to produce houseboats?
Yes, we are ISO 9001-2005, CE certified. We have legal right to produce, test and certificate boats.

4. Can you ship worldwide?
Yes, we are based in Klaipeda, Lithuania at the Baltic sea. We can ship your boat to you by the sea, or by truck.


5. Can you build a hotel on water?
Yes, we can. We can produce 5-10-20 or as many as you wish to invest houseboats for your marinas clients. We also produce the pontoon bridges without seams, that are unsinkable. So we can make all the project for you.


6. How stable are your houseboats?
Absolutely all our clients, who tested our trimarans on water underlined that it is very stable.


7. Are your houseboats construction wooden?

The majority of producers use the aluminum platform and wooden home on it. We do not do this. All our navigating houseboats have all-aluminum construction. It means deck platform, walls, upper deck constructions are all from aluminum.


8. What about registration?

Relax Boat houseboats are not houseboats. They are recreational trimarans, and they are registered as recreational boats, not as houseboats. Relax Boats are made by all safety ships requirements.